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Company Profile

Liba High-Tech Consulting, Recruiting and Placement is a placement company specializing in locating professional candidates and matching them to the variety of its leading clients’ development and management positions.

Liba specializes in all areas of the high-tech industry: software, hardware, systems, support, IT, marketing, finance and operations across the spectrum of jobs.

We at Liba understand the market’s swings and adapt ourselves to the changes in and new conditions of the high-tech world while adhering to high quality standards of sorting and searching and providing personalized service to our clients and candidates.

Liba has a professional team of quality recruiters who underwent intensive training to learn about the world of technology and clients’ needs and acquire an in-depth understanding of the entire process of the candidates’ efforts to building a career and advance.

Liba has a special program comprised of several tracks aimed at different focus groups from among high-tech people, such as: students/veterans of military technology units/experienced high-tech workers.


Service Philosophy


Liba specializes in and focuses its work on the high-tech industry and therefore we have gained vast and meaningful experience in all areas of jobs in the high-tech industry, advancement tracks and the breakdown of the various branches of the industry.


Liba adheres to stringent standards of privacy and discretion for both its candidates and clients.

Every candidate goes through a thorough and in-depth interview that covers both his technological abilities and personality traits. Each position is carefully researched so that we understand the client’s precise needs.


We at Liba are in contact with many leading people in the high-tech world with senior positions at various companies. Our company has at its disposal unique recruitment sources that provide us with exclusive access to candidates.


Our added value as a high-tech placement company is exclusivity, both when it comes to candidates and to open positions. We are able to provide our clients with an opportunity for innovation with professional candidates and successfully enable candidates to renew themselves with new and challenging positions at a diverse assortment of high-tech companies.


Commitment is the keyword in our efforts on behalf of both the client and the candidate. We at Liba are doing our utmost in order to provide answers: To our customers - by filling open positions with quality candidates To our candidates - by finding the most suitable job for each person.

Placement of high-tech people on all levels

Systems analysts, software analysts, software and hardware engineers, team leaders, project managers, development managers, systems engineers, product managers, VP, customer services and directors. Sorting for the positions listed above is done via in-depth personal and professional interviews.


Locating, recruiting and  lacing senior and intermediate-level managerial candidates

in the fields of finance, marketing and sales, operations and management, biotechnology, human resources, operations, service and others.

Consulting on designated recruitment projects

for companies lacking a recruitment manager either temporarily or permanently. In coordination with the client, professional meetings are held to ascertain the client’s needs and classify the positions available and define candidate profiles, locate candidates, sort and recruit relevant candidates, where a Liba representative serves as the sole recruiter for the client for the predetermined period.

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Development of human resources in the organization

providing support for the processes of building human resources, instilling recruitment procedures, reviewing job profiles, recording classification of job profiles. In companies that already have a human resources and recruitment infrastructure, Liba can be used to provide guidance, consulting and streamlining of recruitment processes and human resources management, all on a project basis and in accordance with the terms agreed upon by the parties.

Training and consulting for high-tech job search and career development

As part of this service, we provide our candidates with tools and guidance ahead of the next job and consulting and assistance in choosing the optimal job. The service is intended for both recent university graduates/veterans of military technological units interested in entering the high-tech industry and experienced high-tech people looking for the next job.

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