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In-House Talent Acquisition 

The service provided by "Liba" is tailored-made and modular and can be changed according to company' needs and will be handle by one of our experienced recruitment experts.
Using this solution will give you a wide range of options that will reduce time and cost and help you meet your recruitment goals.

The solutions:

  • CV screening for various positions
    Our recruitment expert wi
    ll learn your requirements, screen CV from multiple sources and reduce your pipelines.

  • Sourcing
    The recruitment expert will build professional and accurate pipeline for every position.
    The process includes meeting the recruitment manager of each position, learning the requirements and the company's DNA in order to create the best possible match.
    The process involves the initial approach to the candidate as well as conducting interviews and being the candidate's focal point throughout the entire recruitment phases.


  • Full recruitment cycle management
    The recruitment expert will be in charge of all activities and process related to the recruitment life cycle in the organization.

  • Implementing (if needed) and working with the company's ATS, working closely with recruitment managers and talent acquisition staff of the company.

  • Providing various services such as coordinating the interviews, conducting interviews, working with all the company's resources, building recruitment strategy, flows and best practices in order to save time and costs.

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